GUNAI GN27 27.5-Inch Tires 750W Motor 48V 10.4Ah Battery Electric Mountain Bike for Adult With Torque Sensor 35km/H Max Speed

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The GUNAI GN27 Electric Mountain Bike is the perfect choice for adults seeking an efficient and powerful ride. With its 27.5 inch frame, 48V battery, and torque sensor, this bike offers a smooth and sturdy experience. Improve your cycling game with this top-of-the-line bike.

🚲【Powerful Performance】

The GN27 electric mountain bike is equipped with a powerful 48V 750W brushless motor, which provides enough power, the maximum speed is up to 35KM/H, which ensures efficient and reliable performance. With a torque of 50NM, this electric mountain bike delivers impressive acceleration and climbing ability. It can meet your daily cycling and let you reach your destination easily and quickly.

🚲【Long Lasting Battery】

With a 48V 10.4AH lithium battery, the GN27 Ebike provides a range of up to 40KM in electric mode and an extended 70KM in pedal assist mode. The battery can be fully charged in just 4-6 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between trips.

🚲【Durable Construction】

Constructed with a 27.5" high-carbon steel frame, this electric bike for adult can handle tough terrain and withstand a maximum load of 130kg. The aluminum fork with spring suspension improves stability and comfort, and absorbs shocks for a smoother ride.

🚲【Versatile Driving Experience】

The high-carbon steel seat post can be adjusted from 80-100 cm, which allows riders to find their optimal riding position. The GN27 features a Shimano derailleur and 7-speed gear system, providing precise control and adaptability to different terrains.

🚲【Security and Control】

Equipped with disc brakes, this electric commuter bike offers reliable stopping power and control, ensuring safety in all riding conditions. The bike's 27.5X1.95 tires provide excellent grip and stability, allowing riders to easily navigate various terrains.

🚲【High quality accessories】

LED headlights provide safety for your night journey. You can get speed, battery power, total mileage and power assist level on the LCD screen. Shimano 7-speed transmission system makes your driving more flexible. The combination of three modes (Electric bike & assisted bike & normal bike) is a better choice, which increases the range significantly. It can meet your daily cycling and short trips. 95% pre-assembled bikes. Installation video included.

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