The 3 Best electric bikes under 2000€ In 2023

gunai-bikes Feb 17, 2023

The 3 Best electric bikes under 2000€ In 2023

The weather is about to turn warmer, which means we can start thinking about outdoor activities. You can throw on a new pair of running shoes for a morning run, or you can lace up a new pair of hiking boots for some early exploring. But If you're asking us what's the best way to get out of winter, you could try riding an electric bike.

Cycling as a recreational activity is gaining popularity among young professionals and retires. Cycling is a great way to get some exercise in an easy, stress-free way, it doesn't take long to feel the effects of your workout, and it will keep you in great shape over time. But finding the right bike for you isn't easy. After extensive research on the best e-bikes of 2022, we've rounded up three bikes to help you choose the best one for your budget and needs bike.

Electric Bike Features You Should Look For

- Frame material. E-bikes generally have steel frames for strength and durability. However, some high-end models use aluminum alloy frames, which are stronger and more durable, ensuring safe driving.

-Brakes. Electric bikes come with a standard set of brakes. However, some models of e-bikes have combined braking systems that give the rider more control.

一.On our list of Best electric bikes under 2000€ is the GUNAI Off Road Electric Bike GUNAI MX25

The GUNAI MX25 Electric Bike is the perfect choice for commuters who want to go further and faster with less effort.This e-bike features a durable aluminum frame frame, a powerful rear hub motor, and a 7S Shimano drivetrain.


Model: GUNAI MX25
Motor Power: 2000W
Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy
Speed:45-50 km/h
Brake system: Hydraulic oil brake
Transmission: SHIMANO 7S
Tires Chaoyang: 20*4.0


Adopting scientific and effective reinforced shock absorption method the shock absorption effect is obvious
and distinctive.


There are two types ofdirect charging and charging with electricity
The battery can be easily removed and charged at will. It is more convenient to
plug the power supply into the car and Charge directly.


HL-26uses 25AH lithium battery, the range of pure electric cruising rang is up to 40-50km, and the range of electric power assisting
range is up to 60kms.

二.One Of Best electric bikes under 2000€ GUNAI MX02S

The GUNAI MX02S electric bike is one of the best electric mountain bikes on the market. The bike's 1000W motor can reach a speed of up to 40 km/h. It also features an LCD screen that can display battery life, speed, cadence, pedal assist level, and other information. The bike is made of aluminum alloy and composite materials.


Model: GUNAI MX02S
Motor Power: 1000W
Frame: Aluminum alloy
Maximum speed:40 km/h
Brake type:Front and rear XOD hydraulic disc brakes
Tires Chaoyang: 26*4.0


In human mode and electric mode, it can easily handle uphill
downhill, and flat roads with variable speed.
Use different gears according to different road conditions
Easily navigate different paths.


48V 1000W
Improrted PA66 raw reduction gear,the torque reaches 95N·M without deformation.Imported German Hall chip,sign processing is timely and stable and not easy to damage.


Highly integrated control elements, Transmission tate is higher than industry

26x4.0 Mountain bike tire

MX02s electric bicycle has a super power
of 1000W The wider the tire width, the better the ride resistance and impact resistance It can reduce the bumps and make it as comfortable as a car.

Leather seat + taillight

There are two modes of seat taillights Steady and blinking mode.

Double hydraulic brake

MX02S adopts front and rear double hydraulic brake svstem which can dissipate heat quickly
and brake quickl and stably steadily.

三.One Of Best electric bikes under 2000€ GUNAI MX03

GUNAI MX03 electric bicycle Body weight 26KG, the maximum speed can reach 45 km/h. 35-50 km per charge. The bike has Front and rear XOD hydraulic disc brakes and a 1000W motor.


Model: MX03
Tire specifications:26X4.0 inch
Motor Power: 48V 1000W
Maximum speed: 45km/h
Battery capacity: 48V 17Ah
Riding distance: 35-50km
Weight capacity: 150 KG
Brake type: Front and rear XOD hydraulic disc brakes

1000W Brushless Motor

Themotoruses apermanentmagnet stator instead of mechanical commutation and brushes to reducefrictionlossandincreasespeed; equipped with a variable frequency speed control system adaptive power supplyfrequency, can maintain horsepower in light load or high speed operation.

17AH Capacity Lithium Battery

100%automobile industry power cell, strong and reliable, more safe charging and discharging, longer use.
Two charging methods, can be charged in the car or take down to charge.

80% Hidden lines

Byreviewingtheinterior of the bike, the GUNAI MXO3 achieves 80% hidden routing of the notonllygreatly reduces the wind resistance, but also makes the appearance of the car more concise and elegant.

Aluminium alloy handlebar

The instrumentbutton is at your fingertips, one button to start the machine adjust the gear at will and the information function is clear at a glance
Shift up Down shifts Boot light Horn.

In conclusion, Best electric bikes under 2000€ are a great way to enjoy the benefits of electric cycling without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for a folding bike, a mountain bike, a city bike, or a hybrid bike, there's an electric bike out there that can meet your needs and budget. We hope that our list of the Best electric bikes under 2000€ has been helpful and informative, and that you'll be able to find the perfect electric bike for your needs.