Riding An Electric Bike For The First Time-How to make riding safer

gunai-bikes Feb 24, 2023

Riding An Electric Bike For The First Time-How to make riding safer

E-bike commuting is simply awesome! You can carry more without breaking a sweat, go faster than a traditional bike without using more energy, and don't even have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or parking. In addition, riding is also equivalent to exercising outdoors. But for beginners, riding in traffic can be a nightmare. So knowing how to use electric bike safely for commuting in advance can better avoid risks and keep you safe and have fun when riding electric bicycles for the first time.

1.Read Your Electric Bike Manual

Read your manual first to get to know your e-bike. Knowing how an e-bike works and its extra power will help you become an informed rider.

2.Install and remove with care

Due to the extra weight of the e-bike, it is very important to get on and off the e-bike carefully so that you don't tip over and injure yourself. When shopping for an e-bike, try different frames to make sure you can mount and detach the e-bike easily.

3.Practice before departure

Practice riding your e-bike in an empty parking lot or other open space. This will help you learn how to control your e-bike and how to navigate busy streets at your comfortable speed.

4. Wear your helmet

Contrary to popular belief, looking cool is not the number one priority when riding a bike. Taking security measures to protect yourself is the top priority. As a beginner, it is necessary to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injury by up to 88%.

Wearing an electric bike helmet is not only a smart safety decision, but it is also often required by law. Regardless of whether or not it is legally required in your area, you should always wear an electric bike helmet to ensure your safety.

When shopping for an electric bike helmet, there are several key factors to consider. First and foremost, you should look for helmets that meet safety standards set by organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the European Union's CE mark. These safety certifications ensure that the helmet meets certain safety requirements and will provide adequate protection in the event of an accident.

In addition to safety certification, you should also consider the fit, ventilation, and weight of the helmet. It's important to find a helmet that fits snugly and comfortably on your head, without being too heavy or causing discomfort. Ventilation is also crucial, as riding an electric bike can be physically demanding and you'll want to stay cool and comfortable while riding.

Another important feature to consider is a visor, which can help shield your eyes from the sun, wind, and rain. Many electric bike helmets come with a removable visor that can be adjusted as needed.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to find an electric bike helmet that fits your needs and provides the level of safety you require. Whether you're a seasoned electric bike rider or just getting started, investing in a quality helmet is always a smart decision.

In conclusion, electric bike helmets are an essential safety measure for anyone who rides an electric bike. They provide critical protection in the event of an accident and can help ensure your safety while riding. When shopping for an electric bike helmet, look for safety certification, a good fit, ventilation, a visor, and a comfortable weight. With the right helmet, you can enjoy your electric bike ride with peace of mind.

5. Start Slow

You may be tempted to crank your e-bike up to the top speed you set it to immediately, but we recommend taking it easy and starting with a low power setting when riding. We also recommend that you ride in large empty parking lots or on closed roads before you become familiar with e-bikes.

6. Stay in your comfort zone

Know your capabilities and make sure that neither the route you choose nor the speed of your bike is more than you can handle. Your bike should fit you; this means your feet should be able to lie flat on the ground when you sit down - no tiptoes. If you think this bike is too heavy, it probably is.

You want to be able to get on and off the bike easily, and the handlebars and controls should be within easy reach. The more familiar you are with your route, the easier it will be to focus on safety.

If you're riding with a group, don't force yourself to keep up with the group. Always ride to your comfort level, not theirs.

7. Watch the road

As a cyclist, you need to pay attention to the road you are on. Use caution when entering corners; be wary of potential gravel or other unstable road conditions. Be careful when crossing railway tracks, as the paint can be slippery - as are the white lines at traffic lights.

5. Obey the traffic rules

Your new e-bike will give you more freedom and fun, but it's still your responsibility to know and obey all road, road and trail rules in your area. There are many advantages of electric bicycles, you might as well experience them and show the joy of riding. Nobody likes a reckless cyclist, especially e-bike riding.

6.Trust your mirror, but don't trust it completely

Bike mirrors can save lives, but even when adjusted properly, they don't necessarily tell the whole story. In traffic, always glance your rearview mirror over the appropriate shoulder. Do it quickly, and you'll add extra knowledge of rearsight and blind spots to your information gathering tasks.

7.Slow down early

As you approach intersections or hazard areas, you need to be careful to brake early and slow down because you are traveling at a higher speed.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but it's a good base. What other tips would you give a novice rider?